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engage nepal.

Help us build a safer Nepal. We believe that, by working in partnership with the people of Nepal, we can help create a more resilient nation, preserve a culture that is a treasure for the world, and help make Nepal’s inspiring natural beauty once again accessible to all. That is the Engage Nepal mission and we are confident that, in pursuing it, we can help shape a future that Nepalis will face with confidence rather than fear.

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Our Mission

The earthquakes that rocked Nepal in April and May of 2015 were devastating and frightening and captured the international community’s attention for a moment in time but then the next headline came, the next disaster struck, and the world moved on. But we did not… we could not.

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Our Projects

We, of course, cannot rebuild 600,000 homes or thousands of schools even with the assistance of every person who cares about Nepal. But we can provide support for innovative projects that empower communities, that serve as a catalysts for change and growth, and that allow people to make a difference in shaping their own futures. We have partners on the ground who already have the trust of the communities they serve, who know the needs and who are capable of being such agents for constructive change and we are finding partners in the US who are willing to combine their resources with ours to make a difference.


The Engage Nepal Vanguard

The most we're asking of any of you is a dollar a day. But if you can even give 35 cents a day -- $10 a month -- the cumulative impact of your support is transformational. It matters. If you've already been a core supporter for Soarway we are excited at the thought that you will become part of the Engage Nepal team. And, if you are thinking of joining us for the first time, we would love to have you become part of the Engage Nepal Vanguard. Your commitment with a recurring donation tells us you're "all in." So are we.

Sagarmatha Children’s Home

The life of a child is truly an incredible thing. To offer hope when there was none. To give gifts that nourish the body and the mind. To protect and nurture the most vulnerable. To care.

Today, more than ever, we need people who care. People who look beyond our differences to see our common humanity and who know, that in reaching out, we begin to build bridges in a world that could really use them about now.


Get Involved

Although Nepal may be one of the poorest countries in the world, It is rich in spirit, in the strength of its people, and in the love that so many have for this mountain nation nestled in the Himalayas. We hope you’ll want to be part of our quest to assist the people of Nepal to help themselves before the next disaster strikes.

Together we can build a new future for Nepal.


Start a campaign

Support us by creating a fundraising campaign that inspires you. Run a race, Plan a Trek, Exhibit your Talent – however you want to help, we can work together.

Volunteer opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers, as we gear up to ensure that we can achieve its mission of helping to build a stronger, safer, more resilient Nepal.

Make a Donation

Every donation makes an incredible impact — no matter how big or small the amount. We appreciate any help, and 100% of your donation is tax-deductible.


A Note for our donors

Thank you for all who care, who make a difference, who touch lives. You transform the world in which we live with compassion and generosity.

Thank you one and all. Together, we will continue to bring hope to those who need a helping and, together, we will Engage Nepal.

Scott DeLisi, Executive Director